What Components Make Up SEO Linkwheels?


SEO linkwheels do not just appear out of thin air. In order to create a working and successful linkwheel there are major components that must be present for it to function properly. Even first timers will easily see how all of the pieces fit together.

The main components of SEO linkwheels include the money site, web 2.0 pages and backlinks. Although these three factors appear simple in nature, each one plays a huge role and only by having all of them working together, can it be possible for a person’s money site to become more visible on the Internet.

It goes without saying that a link wheel cannot be built without its foundation, which is the money site. This is the major site that all online visitors will be directed to and is the main one that a person or business can benefit from after they have been redirected to there from the other pages. The money site can serve a number of purposes, such as to promote a person or business’s products or services.

Like the wheel of a wagon, the spokes are the structures that branch out from the main component. In the case of an SEO linkwheel, the branches or “spokes” would be the web 2.0 pages. On each of these pages, new niche content is created. The most common sites used for this purpose include weblog publishing platforms, such as Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr, among others.

The third component of the link wheel is perhaps the most important because it is the actual piece that holds the entire puzzle together: backlinks. These links are inserted into the content on each of the web 2.0 pages and serves the purpose of directing an online user back to the money site.

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